I live for adventure, fashion and laughter. I strive to surround myself with people and things that bring me nothing but pure happiness. I believe in eating froyo for breakfast, wearing sparkles for all occasions, and always taking risks. I love reading, sunsets, writing, skipping, bulk candy, pinto grigio and twirling. I am obsessed with dogs, and often find myself at Trader Joes numerous times a day.

I am a born and raised Seattlite, but have recently decided to make the big move down the coast to Santa Barbara to follow my dreams and chase the sun. Β As my homegirl Tina Fey says, “Say yes and you will figure it out afterwards.” Well Santa Barbara, the answer is YES!

This blog is to entertain myself and help me remember all the great ideas I come up with. I will be posting about my adventures, about adventures I want to go on, about clothes I will wear on said adventures and probably food… because food is the best.

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