Southern California in November is a very confusing time. Everyone has unpacked their fall clothes (light scarfs, ankle boots, cardigans) and committed to fall fashion. I appreciate this, as I have a fantastic fall wardrobe. However, 83 degrees calls for cutoffs and swimsuits. I am adjusting, but I got caught riding my bike home one particularly blustery fall evening in my bathing suit and coverup. I looked like an idiot, and suffered mild hypothermia. I will get it one of these days.

November has always been one of my favorite months. Mainly for two reasons: Turkey and men with mustaches. Movember is ingenious. Not only do I appreciate a guy doing something for a good cause, but I love a good mustache. For an entire month men all over the country resemble Ron Swanson a little bit more, and that is a cause I can support. Aside from flirting with men with mustaches and flannels, I have also been busy eating sweet potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, sweet potato anything. Once Thanksgiving is over, I will get ahold of myself… but in the meantime I have a secret board on Pintrest full of different ways to eat sweet potatoes. This will be my first year not spending Turkey Day with my family. I am sad, but secretly know that they are all a little bit happy there will be extra of G-Ma’s sweet potato pie for them to devour (especially after reading this post). 

In other news, it rained in Santa Barbara last night. I was surprised how refreshing it was to hear rain, and how happy I was to snuggle up and watch 15 episodes of Sons of Anarchy. I am sure glad I have been putting off that car wash for 2 months, because the rain did wonders for my little Mazda! Also, I officially have a California State Drivers License. I feel like an official Californian now! 

I must admit, I do miss home this time of year. Friendsgivings, fireplaces, opening day, snow. However, I am so happy and lucky to be living here. Off to snuggle in front of the Yule Log on TV. Stache’s & Sweet Potatoes! 



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