imageAs Seattle residents, we know this little game that the weather plays this time of year. We have one sunny day, get inspired for some spring cleaning, pack up all of our winter clothes and put them into storage and bust out our Levi’s cutoffs and flip flops. We shave our legs, apply some self tanner, put on our favorite sundress and greet summer with open arms! It’s all sunshine, laughter, day drinking and bbqs for a whirlwind 48 hours. You send snap chats to all of your friends in San Diego and Maui proclaiming ‘see, this is why I live here!’ You think to yourself, this is true love. Me and summer go together better than froyo and fruity pebbles.

Then one day you wake up & there are no birds chirping, no glaring sun shining through your window, no sunglasses on your way to work. Rain. Wind. Power-outages. All that’s left is sad memories of sunshine, a slight hangover, and regret that you moved all your winter clothes into storage.

This is just an average summer/spring/fall for people in Seattle. It’s an emotional roller coaster filled with sheer excitement and utter letdown. Regardless, I am a weather optimist! You can find me on the lake with a bottle of champagne and my waterwings. Viva la summer!